“Bipolar” by Haley Moglia

16 nights fallen
Within my mind.
I had been entangled
With shadows that
Mimicked canopies
Of Trembesi trees.
Umbrella-like branches
Repelled every ray.

I’d been here before
Though I learned no
Way out.

Beyond my bed,
I saw no image.

I could not chatter like
Pigeons on the sidewalk or
Laugh like a woman
Who knows she is pretty.

I could not begin
To scream,
Like I had 16 nights prior.
When the laughter surrounded me.
Before the
Waves enclosed me.

So near I was to joining the ocean.
Yet the 17th morning sun rose

About the Author:
Haley is a 24-year-old Michigander living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Haley is a yoga teacher, a writer, a painter, a hiker, a skier, an adventurer. She loves to live and to watch others find their best life. Contact Haley at mogliaha@gmail.com and follow her on instagram: @mogs_haley.

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